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The Mariachi Miracle is underway!

Daniel Buckley at VivaFest!

Daniel Buckley at VivaFest!

The documentary on how mariachis and folklorico dancers changed the culture, politics, economy and educational practices of Tucson, Arizona is in production, slated for release in spring, 2015. A book of the same title will accompany the release of the film.

While the project focuses on Tucson, that city serves mainly as an example of what is going on all over the United States in cities and towns with significant Mexican American communities.

On Sept. 18, Daniel Buckley was in San Jose, California showing snippets from the upcoming film at VivaFest!

An audience comprised of students, parents, anthropologists, board members and the superintendent of schools for the San Francisco district (Richard Carranza) was on hand to watch the clips, hear the story and tell a bit about their own lives. It was a great gathering all around.

The film is the sixth in producer/director Daniel Buckley’s Cine Plaza at the Fox documentary series, and his 8th overall.

In the next few months Buckley will be shopping the film around for a broadcast home and wrapping up interviews with community elders. In the spring the focus will be on mariachi and folklorico educational programs in the schools, followed by a trek east in search of the roots of the Tucson International Mariachi Conference.

You can learn more as the project progresses at the Mariachi Miracle blog¬†or through the project’s FaceBook page.


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