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The elements of an archaeological collection

The elements of an archaeological collection

This past week Daniel Buckley Productions began a new project in conjunction with the Arizona State Museum to create a series of videos to guide field archaeologists in the proper collection, cataloging and maintenance of significant historical artifacts.

The video series is an extension of lectures and workshops ASM staff has conducted in recent years in war torn countries in conjunction with the U.S. State Department.

The videos will show, step by step, the elements of a properly documented archaeological site collection, and how such collections should be processed and cataloged for future study. This is based on best practices developed and standardized over decades of work in the field by the Arizona State Museum.

Buckley spent three days in mid-July with ASM staff shooting the various checks and balances that ensure that all materials are being processed correctly. Later in the month a voice over in English will be recorded explaining the various steps, and then several months of editing will be spent to generate the first video project.

The intent is for this project is to be translated into various languages for archaeologists in Iraq, Afghanistan and Rwanda first and uploaded to a YouTube or similar internet channel for easy access around the globe. Later similar translations will be created for other languages. A text translation in English will accompany all versions as well.

Throughout the filming process great pains were taken to ensure cultural sensitivity to the customs of the intended countries. The end product videos will be vetted with members of those cultural communities to ensure that nothing was missed.

The project is expected to be ready for distribution in the fall of 2014.

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