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After 13 months and roughly 80 videos, Daniel Buckley Productions has wrapped up its video production contract for the state centennial website, www.arizonaexperience.org.

The work took Buckley on a journey of Arizona’s history, resources and potential for the future as he met and talked with captains of industry, artists, scientists, educators and historians to augment the larger picture of Arizona in its centennial year, overseen by the Arizona Geological Survey.

“It was my pleasure to add a small corner to this significant undertaking by the Arizona Experience staff,” Buckley says. “They carved a clear and methodical path toward capturing the measure of the state in this historic year and have generated a significant resource about Arizona that will last for generations. Being able to put a human face on some of the monthly topics that created this composite body of work was an honor and a journey of discovery.”

A 40-plus year Arizona resident, Buckley’s wide-ranging background in the earth and space sciences, newspaper work and the arts, as well as his contacts around the state, made him a natural partner in the project following his creation of a fundraising video for the effort in December of 2011. Buckley pitched the idea of becoming an independent content producer for the Arizona Experience shortly after and work began a month before the start of the Arizona Centennial Year on February 14, 2012.

The journey began with videos on Arizona’s lead up to statehood, and the first artist portrait – on Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai – and ended with the unveiling of a statue on the man on Arizona’ great seal – miner George Warren. Along the way there were interviews with Intel CEO Craig  Barrett about Arizona’s potential and education needs, visits with scientists such as astronomer/solar power researcher Roger Angel, Ecological Restoration Institute director Wally Covington, human genome biologist Jeffrey Trent, Phoenix Mars Lander principal investigator Peter Smith, along with the man who is working out how to build algae farms in Arizona to produce oil, Randy Ryan.

Buckley met with innovative educators as well, including Ask a Biologist’s Charles Kazilek, Kerry Schwartz of Arizona Project Wet, and Biotech Project director Nadja Anderson.

Featured as well were visits with Arizona Governor’s Office on Energy Policy director Leisa Brug, Dr. Jerry Howard of the Arizona Museum of Natural History as he and his team dug up ancient Hohokam irrigation canals in Mesa, and with Native American art expert Mark Bahti as he introduced viewers to the range of indigenous art in Arizona.

Artists such as Calexico’s Joey Burns, Grand Canyon photographer Bruce Aiken, western sculptor Bill Nebeker and mineral photographer Jeff Scovill were feautured in the project, as were such important places as the site of the first ecological research station in the world – Tucson’s Tumamoc Hill – and the exquisite Sedona Red Rock State Park.

Buckley and the Arizona Experience crew took web visitors to the Yuma Air Show, a celebration of Dia de los Muertos in Phoneix, on a tour of the Sonoran desert’s food stuffs with former Native Seed SEARCH director Angelo Joaquin, Jr. and wandered through the sprawling Musical Instruments Museum. And they brought viewers in as a group of powwow singers from Canada laid down tracks at the studios of the world’s oldest Native American music label, Canyon Records.

The year flew by like the blink of an eye, but in the end, important snapshots of the state were shared online with everyone in the world.

“It was one of the most important and eye-opening experiences of my career,” Buckley says. “A true Arizona Experience. I am deeply honored to have been chosen to put my skills to work in service of this historic undertaking.”





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