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Let-kids-be-kids-swThe laws have changed about how children in foster care can lead their lives.


From participating in extracurricular activities to staying overnight with a friend, going on date or to the prom, taking field trips and going on trips, more relaxed changes in the law are allowing foster care givers more leeway to grant permission to kids in their charge to do normal things their friends and classmates do.


It still requires a lot of common sense and prudent judgment though, and so La Frontera Arizona put together a lecture to acquaint foster parents with the changes in the law, and to provide some guidance so they might better understand what these shifts in the rules are all about.


Daniel Buckley Productions joined the effort by filming the sessions, inserting key materials and burning DVDs for foster parents working with La Frontera.


Slide030The consequences of not having a sense of normalcy are grave for foster children. It’s an honor to help in some way to reverse that trend.


This continues Buckley’s work with various organizations to distribute needed information in as concise and timely a manner as possible, and will the highest quality.


For more on Daniel Buckley Productions go to http://www.danielbuckleyproductions.com

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