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A WW II fighter plane from the Tempe museum.

A WW II fighter plane from the Tempe museum.

The 150th anniversary year of the Arizona Historical Society is upon us, and the organization is getting its 150 most treasure artifacts ready for the world to see.

The society has hired Daniel Buckley Productions LLC to photograph these artifacts at its various locations around the state. The photos will be used in a special publication to be printed in the fall.

The materials to be shot range from huge to tiny. They include delicate paper beads worn by female prisoners in Arizona’s Japanese internment camps during WW II, a giant logging truck, the three flags that have flown over the Arizona capital (U.S., Arizona and Confederate) and many costumes used in the opular Phoenix children’s television show Wallace and Ladmo.

Using the 36MP Nikon D800 camera, Buckley will carefully  photograph and process the items, turning them in by June, 2014 for inclusion in the publication.

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