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Samples from the Arizona State Museum pottery display.

Samples from the Arizona State Museum pottery display.

A one minute prototype for the Arizona State Museum Iraq archaeology project video is finished.

Sorry, not for public view. This version is just to show the translators what this basically might look and sound like.

They will then translate the spoken English text into several languages, which will later become voice tracks of different versions directed at various geographic and cultural regions.

The video series, produced and scripted by the Arizona State Museum of the University of Arizona, is designed to illustrate best practices for assembling, documenting and archiving archaeological artifacts and necessary support materials. These techniques have been refined over ASM’s 120 year history.

This rough first 1 minute sample segment dealt with the nature of an archaeological collections and basic conventions of nominclature for archiving such a collection.

The series is being created for use by archaeology professionals in Iraq and Afghanistan. The videos and various translations will be completed by November, 2014. Taping on the project began in July, 2014.

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